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For 17 years, Basom Palmer Eye Institute has been ranked as the nation’s #1 eye hospital by the U.S News And World Report.


It’s easy to see why. The organization, based out of the University of Miami Leonard M Miller School of Medicine, is comprehensive when it comes both to treating and researching a variety of ophthalmic conditions. Far from just prescribing glasses, the school strives to remain on the forefront of medical technology and education.


The strength of the Institute is how all-encompassing it is. Patients can expect world-class treatment, researchers have access to the tools they need to succeed, and students leave the school to start successful practices worldwide. Born of the efforts of five physicians in the 1950s, Bascom Palmer became a highlight of the Miami School of Medicine, it wasn’t long until researchers began pioneering new diagnosis and treatment methods. Breakthroughs range from a better method for diagnosing retinal diseases in 1965 to modern research on gene therapy.


And some of the stories are nothing short of miraculous. 9-year-old Creed Pettit was diagnosed with a blinding genetic disease at a young age, but with the help of Bascom Palmer surgeon Dr. Audina Berrocal and a revolutionary new ocular gene therapy drug, Creed is now experiencing the world through improved eyesight, and the Institute is exploring new frontiers for how gene therapy can provide treatments for rare genetic disorders. Creed’s recovery opens up new possibilities that reemphasize the importance of genetic testing and further ocular research.


Outside of research, Bascom Palmer offers a wide array of services for those in need, including 24-hour emergency care. A variety of specialist ophthalmologists provide the backbone of the Institute’s medical care, boasting an extensive array of facilities for treatment and rehabilitation. Even when it comes to modern treatments such as laser vision correction, Bascom Palmer strives to innovate further and improve quality for patients.


In 2019, this organization looks to an even better future. The Finker-Frenkel Legacy Foundation looks to support them as they evolve, helping to fund research grants as we pursue our mission of furthering medical research.


Visit Basom Palmer’s website for more information about the patient services they provide and the research that they are involved in.