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When it comes to fundraising, regardless if you are a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, coming up with unique and an engaging ideas can be difficult. Some fundraiser ideas are simple and easily executed, while others seem complicated to the point of impossibility. Lucky for nonprofits, fundraising should be fun and as stress-free as possible. Below are some ideas to test for your next fundraiser.


5k Run/Walk
Raising money for a good cause can also involve staying healthy! Who wouldn’t want to be apart of this win-win? A good 5k can both engage a community and adjacent communities, as some determined individuals will travel to participate. The competition for a 5k can encourage participation, so incentivizing best times or unique outfits can lead to further engagement. These events do not need to be as complex as the Boston Marathon; finding a suitable location, collecting the proper permits, and paying for supplies and marketing is all a nonprofit needs to run a successful 5k.


Annual Events
Planning an annual event can start a tradition that can last decades. It also gives nonprofits an advantage, as they will have a year to plan the next event. However, some work still needs to be completed throughout the year, as any nonprofit will have to make adjustments to the usual schedule and remind potential attendees.
Annual events should always be changing and evolving! Did you plan a golf tournament, only to run out of food or refreshments? Plan for more robust options next time! Did an annual food drive come up short on volunteers? Establish partnerships with other community groups to source helpers for next time.
Although many may RSVP for annual events, some will likely forget over the course of the year and leave a nonprofit high and dry. This is why it is important to send out quarterly reminders about the fundraiser. Not only does this keep them informed, it can establish a level of hype for the event, particularly if an organization is trying something different.


Bake Sale
Bake sales may seem routine, but there are ways to make a bake sale fundraiser unique to an organization. When most people think of bake sales, they think of brownies and cupcakes sold in an elementary school parking lot. There’s no reason why yours can’t be different and offer high-quality goods. Accommodate for your audience or their dietary restrictions by baking vegan products or using organic ingredients, possibly sponsored by a local vendor or farm. You can even switch up the bake sale by selling other offerings, such as homemade candy or seasoned popcorn.


It may seem like many fundraiser ideas have been done time and time again, but nonprofits owe it to their communities and themselves to mix things up. Diversify your offerings, and you’ll find that volunteers and patrons will come back year after year.