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The University of Miami Business School is marked by its drive toward improvement both for itself and its students. From offering programs in burgeoning fields such as healthcare leadership and business sustainability to connecting students with business professionals in southern Florida. The ability to grow a network even before graduation is one of the reasons why the University’s programs are so renowned.


Furthermore, the University is invested in providing opportunities for women looking to flourish in the business sector. For students, it can be intimidating to move into the professional world, especially given the speed at which trends change—even over the span of earning a college degree. In a meet and greet earlier this April, women leaders in real estate visited the University to offer advice and insight to current students.


The event, “Cocktails and Conversations With Women in Real Estate”, saw over 100 women and men attend looking to get a leg up on their careers. Groups moved from table to table for a series of twenty minutes “speed networking” meetings with professionals. Over 17 table hosts dispensed their wisdom on the state of the real estate industry and how it might evolve in the future.


For students, it opens the door for the possibility of future internships that can create the foundation for successful careers. Outside of the usual skills gleaned from study, an internship can create practical experience and teach soft skills, such as the ability to be agile and respond to change in an ever-evolving industry. It also creates opportunities for mentorship for students.


“It’s important to have someone who can help you navigate this field and help you find an opportunity that matches your passion,” noted Tere Blanca, president and CEO of Blanca Commercial Real Estate.


And for future female leaders, it’s important to show that the industry is accessible. Though business has come a long way for women over the decades, there are still many barriers for entry—especially in male-dominated fields such as the tech industry. Promoting female leadership can make it easier for future generations to find a foothold and thrive.


This is far from the only time the University has welcomed female leaders to speak on their industries. On April 23rd, Ana Patricia Botín spoke on governance in a digital age. Earlier, US Treasurer Jovita Carranza, herself an alumnus of the University, shared her career experience as a Latina and single mother.


In our drive to promote responsible business practices, the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation is proud to see the University welcome distinguished business leaders to speak and share their stories.