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Every nonprofit organization should at least have some idea of how they plan on leveraging social media to reach their intended audience. It’s a subject that’s frequently revisited in many circles—while the overwhelming consensus agrees on the value of social media in nonprofit marketing, there is some amount of debate about the correct application and usage.


For the Make-A-Wish Foundation, their strength in social media comes from their communities and their stories.


Divide and Conquer


The Make-A-Wish Foundation is far from a monolithic organization. In fact, even when it comes to their various chapters in the United States, many operate in their own silos. This has the advantage of allowing chapters to start grassroots movements in their hometowns and the surrounding communities. Being able to reach out to an audience on such a focused level is a strength—many nonprofits find themselves trying to connect with a nebulous group of individuals they don’t understand. For Make-A-Wish, representatives are neighbors, involved in the community and attuned to what families are going through.


A Proper Story


One of the biggest challenges in using social media for nonprofits lies in figuring out how to create a narrative surrounding an organization’s efforts. If, for instance, a nonprofit is working to make a difference in addressing environmental pollution, they may spend time exploring how the issue affects people and wildlife and the ways that the average person can make a difference.


For Make-A-Wish, this is simple to accomplish. Every wish granted is its own self-contained story of a child and a family looking for hope in a difficult situation, and passing along their stories to encourage an audience to take action can be impactful. The organization’s social feeds are full of images of smiling kids, demonstrating the impact that donors can make.


Taking Action


This leads to the next function of social media: encouraging potential donors to take action. For Make-A-Wish’s social media platforms, buttons to donate and learn more about specific fundraisers are never far away. The message is clear—your donation goes toward creating joy for a deserving child.


Consistency, consistency, consistency


Not only does Make-A-Wish work to ensure that its social media is updated on a regular basis, but it also strives to be consistent across chapters and stories. Most are current wish recipients or wish alumni sharing the ways Make-A-Wish has impacted their lives with the hashtag #WishWednesday. Using recurring hashtags and consistent messaging sculpts a nonprofit’s brand and allows for anyone to get a strong sense of what an organization is all about.