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The art of giving is often driven by a donor’s desire to make a tangible impact. Charitable giving has changed over time and evolved to the preferences of the donors. A recent study conducted by Community Brands looks into the experience and expectations donors have when giving to non-profit organizations. According to The Donor Experience Study, modern giving habits show an increase in donations on many different platforms. Rather than giving money to just one charity or organization, donors are giving to upwards of four charities a year. Between the increase in technology in fundraising and the impact an organization can make on the donor, giving habits are changing for the better.

Charity events

When donors attend a charity event for an organization, they’re more than likely familiar with the cause and more than willing to help. The study found that 63 percent of attendees who enjoyed the event and had a positive experience with the organizations were more than likely to give their donation. To enhance a donor’s experience and increase their likeliness to give at fundraising events, associations use social media and other technology to get donors involved. Nowadays, this is the best way to engage seamlessly with an audience. Campaigns or events that offer online fundraising pages, mobile silent auction or text-to-give campaigns help raise more money and leave a greater impact on their donors.

Online donations

The ease of use and convenience of technology is very appealing to donors. Online donations have added a new and modern platform for charitable giving. The most significant factor for online donations is usually the donor’s age and income. When giving to nonprofits online, younger and higher-income donors are more likely to donate. Furthermore, they are also more likely to make a substantial donation when they donate online. With preference and popularity of online contributions rising, it comes as no surprise that mobile-friendly giving has become a trend as well. The study found that the majority of donors give through a mobile device and 46 percent had given through their phone over the organization’s mobile website.

The Impact

Donors are likely to give more than once a year if they have a positive experience with the organization. About 55 percent of donors chose to give to their favorite organization on average four times a year. Sending a handwritten note, a token of gratitude or letting donors know how they’re gift was used by showing reports makes an enormous impact. By giving donors personalized follow-ups, an organization increases the chances of a positive experience. This makes the report or acknowledgment personal to the donor; they will feel their gift meant something and will be more likely to donate again.

With options to give online and offline, donors have every opportunity to give to an organization. Nonprofit that adjust to modern preferences and reach out to their donors personally improve the giver’s experience and increase their chances for another charitable gift.