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Founded by Brett and Brooke David, the annual Ride2Revive event merges altruism with a love of exotic cars. It’s an unusual undertaking with a familiar goal—to provide children undergoing treatment for life-threatening diseases with enjoyable and unique experiences. Since 2011, Ride2Revive and their volunteer drivers have provided support to children and their families.


Given our partnership with Make-A-Wish Southern Florida, the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation has been involved with Ride2Revive in the past. Last January, we were proud to be one of the event’s sponsors, and seeing the impact made on the kids made our work well worth it. We’re happy to sponsor an organization so dedicated to ensuring that kids are given a chance at enjoyment in troubling times.


During Ride2Revive, kids travel out to the Homestead-Miami Speedway, where they spend a day riding in any number of unique cars that the organization sponsors, driven by expert volunteers. The procession of sleek, unique vehicles is a sight to behold at the event! For a child into cars, it’s a great opportunity—especially when considering the psychological impact of spending time away from hospitals and the like.


Many commented on the event, with attendees caught up in the spectacle and the great times had by the youth.


“The energy surrounding the entire event and everyone in attendance was uplifting and so very generous,” said Michelle, Director of Patient & Family-Centered Care at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, one of Ride2Revive’s sponsors.


And it’s not just the yearly event. Ride2Revive also comes to meet youth where they are being treated. At some of the organization’s affiliated hospitals, kids are given the chance to experience the esoteric vehicles that Ride2Revive fields without having to travel to an event. Affiliate hospitals and organizations include Holtz Children’s Hospital, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Chai Lifeline, and the Mystic Force Foundation.


Beyond this, Ride2Revive collects donations and plans future events. For kids living with life-threatening illnesses, it’s important to have individuals willing to put in the effort to make their lives better. It may seem like a simple act, but for many children, it can mean the world. Here’s to Ride2Revive and their mission to provide miles of smiles on the road to recovery.