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When it comes to volunteering, fundraising for a cause is the conception that most people have. Sometimes, a single organization can earn disproportionate focus, even if there are other worthy causes in need of contributions. There’s nothing wrong with being involved in your organization of choice. However, too much can lead to complacency and diminishing returns. Volunteering in the same manner repeatedly can also become mundane. Instead of getting in a rut, experiment with new ways to volunteer you may not have considered before.


  1. Helping Out Seniors in Your Community

Some seniors that are around your community might not have any family close or any family at all. That loneliness can get hard to live with, and is a major issue faced by the elderly. Stopping in at the homes and simply visiting with residents goes a lot further than you think. You can also ask about volunteer activities like raking leaves, shoveling driveways or even cooking meals. Oftentimes, these facilities are understaffed and in need of support.


  1. Quality Time at the Animal Shelter

Cats and dogs need love, too. Although these animals aren’t suffering in the cold or the heat, they still don’t get the attention and love that they need to be a happy animal. Stop in to the local animal shelter and hang out for an hour or two playing with the cats and dogs and try to give them your undivided attention. It’s also proven that time with cats and dogs can reduce your stress, so you’re helping yourself too. For that matter, shelters are often in need of critical supplies. If you think you’re up to the task, consider fostering an animal in need for a time until more permanent accommodations can be found.


  1. Work From Home

Volunteering from home can go a lot further than you think. A world of difference can be made in the small things. Examples of this work includes baking for community members in need, making cards for the less fortunate for the holidays, or just reaching out to neighbors to offer your support. For a broader outreach, you can donate online to charities or a foundation of your choosing.


  1. Assist With Children and Education

There is a lot that can be done to help children both in and out of school. Drives for crucial school supplies can make the transition to a new year that much easier, as can donating books and other materials to schools and libraries in need. Afterschool programs can also be in need of adult help to organize games, educate kids on subjects such as music, and plan healthy meals for attendees.


Small changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference for others. Consider the types of causes you would like to contribute to and the needs of your community. You may find that branching out your methods of volunteering can have an impact that is felt further than you realize.