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Matters such as energy, climate change, and environmental challenges are modern problems for a business world that has only recently started to focus on combating them. Educational institutions such as the University of Miami Business School are approaching the subject with a critical eye—intending on transitioning into a greener future.


Eugene Frenkel, Executive Director of the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation, fondly looks back on his time at the University and the professors that started him on the track to success in business. He is an ardent supporter of the various innovative programs that the school offers.


To that end, the University is now offering an MBS in Sustainable Business. With a growing demand for professionals with knowledge of environmental impact, the program intends to empower students to take their perspectives into their chosen industries and build a better world.


This MBS is the intersection of career and purpose—taking the practical know-how of the University’s existing business programs and applying tactics and strategies that businesses can adopt to make themselves more sustainable in the long term. There’s an increasing demand for graduates with a knowledge of sustainability, and the University hopes to fill a niche that few other schools have stepped in to fill.


The curriculum of the new program weighs heavily on the scientific principles behind sustainability—making it the first STEM-certified degree of its kind in the United States. It combines business and science, theory and practice, and strategy and analytics to prepare graduates for the demands of the market. The program includes a capstone project aimed at giving students the chance to experience the realities of working in sustainability, whether through an internship, a startup, or a consulting role. Through their capstones, students map out their careers and transition into life out of the University.


And not only will graduates be highly sought after, but they’ll also have the best support from the University. A network of Chief Sustainability Officers from major corporations serves on the program’s advisory board, not only ensuring that the curriculum is relevant but providing connections for outbound students.


It’s a subject that particularly hits home for the city of Miami and the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation. In the case of the former, rising sea levels make the threat of climate change more noticeable there than in most places—it’s a present problem that cannot be ignored. For the Foundation, the program’s emphasis on revolutionizing energy in business hits home for many of us and our own focus on sustainability. It’s one of the many reasons why we continually support the University.
The program officially begins in August. For more information on this program, see the University of Miami Business School’s website.